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Make a little birdhouse in your soul....
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14th-Jul-2011 09:33 pm - DIY Equine Fly Spray

Originally published at SadieSparkle.com. You can comment here or there.

Quite simply, this is a CHEAP and EASY alternative to buying flyspray.

You will need:

10ml Citronella esssential oil
5 tea bags
500ml vinegar (white, cyder or malt)
1tbsp washing up liquid

5 litre bottle


It’s really very easy. Put the washing up liquid, vinegar, citronella and tea bags in the 5 litre bottle. Then top up with water. I tend to use 2 kettles worth of boiling water, and top up with cold tap water. Works just as effectively as the off the shelf stuff and costs less than a fiver. AND it takes seconds to make! Brill.

If you were wondering where to find a 5l bottle, I feed Trigger apple cyder vinegar and it comes in nice sturdy bottles. I would imagine you can pick them up almost anywhere though, or make the same amount between two big fizzy pop bottles etc. Where there is a will there is a way!

You just whack it in a spray bottle (pound shop!) and off you go.

12th-Jun-2011 04:25 pm - Kawaii crafty time

Originally published at SadieSparkle.com. You can comment here or there.

I have been crafty recently :-) All cute things of course! Lol.

I made a carrier bag store and a bag to keep my huge collection of cookie cutters in out of an old dress. I loved the fabric, but it had a huge irreparable hole in it, so found a new use for it! Then I bought a couple of kids craft kits – a cupcake tapestry and an owl cross stitch. They were great fun! I plan on mounting them and putting them on the wall by my craft area.

I have hunted out some great books and websites recently too:

I LOVE this place! It’s just magical – stuffed with nerdy crafts :D They have a book called “World of GeekCraft” which is amazing. I totally need to buy it.

The Star Wars Craft Book
Completely nerdarific, including a fab At-At herb planter. Want.

Felt Friends From Japan
I bought this and it’s SO CUTE. Tiny easily stitchable things, all made of felt and super cute. Nick’s sister is pregnant, so I thought I’d better make something for her bebby. There is a cat and a sausage dog in there – I think they’d be perfect!

Knit Your Own Royal Wedding
Complete with Corgi dogs :-D I audibly squeaked when I saw this. Good job no one was near me! This is one that my Ma would absolutely adore  - will be purchasing one soon!

Kawaii Kiki
This is just a gyaru type blog. Some cute stuff on there :-) But I am quite guilty of just looking at pictures and skimming the writing *whoops!*. As with many blogs tbh!

That’s about it for now! <3

27th-May-2011 10:47 am - Parcels and gf shopping spree

Originally published at SadieSparkle.com. You can comment here or there.

I got my yellow leggings and yellow hoody for my Pikachu costume, hooray! The leggings don’t look that big though tbh….! Hope they fit ok! I don’t think many places round here do yellow leggings lol.

In an effort to try and enjoy gf life, I bought some baking supplies (I loooove baking). I got Dove Farm plain white flour blend, and their self-raising blend too. I also bought individual flours (white rice, brown rice, tapioca, potato, semolina, soya and a couple of others too!). On top of that I bought xanthan gum which is a replacement for gluten in baking and improves the crumb.

I tried the self raising flour and really didn’t like the result. I just made normal fairy cakes and it’s probably just my recipe that needs tweaking due to the lack of gluten. The result was flat with a chalky aftertaste…..tweaking will ensue!

24th-May-2011 12:30 pm - Pikachu, I choose you!

Originally published at SadieSparkle.com. You can comment here or there.

I’m going to a fancy dress part soon as Pikachu (on Saturday in fact!). Over the weekend I made myself a pair of Pikachu ears, a tail and a “poke-bag” :D

My plan is to attach the tail and ears to a yellow hoodie, add some black stripes to the back of it and then wear yellow leggings, black shorts and paint red circles on my cheeks. Et voila, Pikachu ;-D

If anyone is wondering how I made them, it really wasn’t rocket science! I just drafted shapes, made them up out of felt and ate delicious gluten free cookies.  The bag was just two circles, velcro and felt shapes with a ribbon strap. The ears were just curvy triangles, and the tail was a pain in the butt to turn inside out!

24th-May-2011 12:20 pm - Some cute websites for you

Originally published at SadieSparkle.com. You can comment here or there.

Cute Food

Basically this is a collection of very cute foods, a bit like Epicute but people actually update it and it hasn’t been swallowed into the rest of a larger site. Love it!

Jim’s Pancakes

This guy is A-MA-ZING. I wish I could make pancake art! I MUST try! I can see it being messy though….!

22nd-May-2011 02:06 pm - Gluten Free Product Reviews

Originally published at SadieSparkle.com. You can comment here or there.

You can now find a review section on my site, specifically for gluten free products. You are welcome to submit reviews of your own :-)

Hover over “Recipes” at the top right hand side of the site, and click “Product Reviews” in the drop down menu.

Have fun!

22nd-May-2011 11:34 am - GF update

Originally published at SadieSparkle.com. You can comment here or there.

I’m actually quite enjoying GF living! I feel better and definitely don’t feel as bloaty and icky anymore. I have eaten some rather gross things though!

So that I can keep track of things I like and dislike I thought I might try and create a review section so I can look up products at a glance.

I bought Phil Vickery’s Gluten Free Baking and there are some really nice recipes in there. I can’t wait to try them! Unfortunately the town centre lacks a good range of GF alternative flours and other ingredients. There is a shop locally called Daily Bread – but they don’t open on Sunday, so I have to wait until next Friday before I can get there. They are specialists in wholefoods and cater for many specific diets, including lots of organic food.

You can shop online via Daily Bread too – and I encourage this! It’s important to use local shops otherwise they disappear :-(


I’m off to tinker with widgets now and see what I can come up with….


19th-May-2011 07:30 pm - Reducing gluten and fancy dress

Originally published at SadieSparkle.com. You can comment here or there.

I’ve been working REALLY hard recently – exhausted! But will do my best to coherantly blog!

I’ve been reducing my gluten intake recently – this sucks because all my favourite foods are gluten ridden! I’m sure I’ll adjust – I did when I went lactose free. I’m not sure it’s gluten I’m sensitive to, but its worth trying as my belly has been rather badly behaved recently.

So far, I have given the thumbs up to Tesco choc chip cookies and obviously Eat Natural bars (totally love those – didn’t realise they were gluten free). I had some oven bottom muffins from Sainsbury’s…. but they were a bit meh. I had gluten free pasta (made of corn and rice) for tea today and it was actually very nice. Like pasta without the heavyness!

I’m hoping to do some crafts this weekend – I have a bit more time to myself than usual so would love to sit and do something. I’ve got a fancy dress party coming up (yaaaay!) and as it’s a 90′s theme, I’ve decided to go as Pikachu! Have bought a yellow hoody and yellow leggings, so need to Pikachu them up a bit :D It’s gonna be super cute!!

That’s about all for now…..so busy!

13th-May-2011 09:35 pm - New pony, and other things

Originally published at SadieSparkle.com. You can comment here or there.

It had to happen sooner or later – Trigger hates being on his own, and I’m not in a position where any of the other horses can go in with him, so I set out to find another companion.

After making some enquiries, speaking to some rude people, and getting upset about having to “replace” my beloved Jessypony, I ended up speaking to the lady at the rescue I got Trigs from. She had the perfect solution.

An 18 month old colt named Troika landed in my field, and he really is a super little chap! His mum is probably a Dartmoor Hill pony, and apparantly his dad is an Appaloosa?!? We’ll see – maybe he’ll grow spots! He will probably make about 13.2hh, and hopefully will be built like his mother so I can ride him!

My plans are to get him a bit more handled (he booted my wrist tonight whilst doing his back feet – monster!) and tidy him up, then I’d like to take him round the local shows. Really looking forwards to it! He is pretty unflappable so far and for a baby is really very laid back.

Here’s a pic:

In other news – I have been attempting Soap & Glory’s “Two Minute Rinse” in an effort to save more water (and money!). You can find out more here:

That’s about it for now! Take care :)

29th-Apr-2011 09:04 pm - Bridget Marquardt Halloween Costumes

Originally published at SadieSparkle.com. You can comment here or there.

She just put this video on her Twitter - it’s so cute and shows off her new range of Halloween costumes. Love her!

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